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The Beautiful Lake Garda - Italy - Travel News, Tips, and Guides

The Beautiful Lake Garda – Italy

The 50-kilometer long Lake Garda is not only the largest lake in Italy; it is also one of the most beautiful. Surrounded by rugged hills and lush vegetation, the lake features a fjord-like formation with its southern part wider than its northern part. The lake area also enjoys the mild and comfortable Mediterranean climate.

Visiting the lake means getting exposed to a spectacular luscious environment filled with a variety of trees like palms, cypresses, orange and lemon groves. You will easily be captivated by the vibrant blue color of the lake’s clear water. The vicinity around Lake Garda offers a boat load of opportunities for fun, relaxation and recreation.

The lakeshore is occupied with several charming harbor towns. One of more popular ones is Sirmione, which lies on a narrow piece of land that stretches to the lake’s southern shore. The town is a must-see because of its many attractions, which include the Grotte di Catullo and a 13th century castle. Grotte di Catullo is not a grotto but actually a ruined Roman villa on the edge of promontory. The other prominent towns around the lake include Bardolino, Lazise and Garda. All these towns are connected by ferry and have links to the lakeside path.

The lakeshore is also a perfect place to go for leisure biking. There are many easy biking itineraries that allow you to fully explore the beauty of the Garda Lake Region. Fortunately, rental bike service companies can be found all around the lakeshore. In addition, a number of hotels offer free use of bikes to guests. If you like beaches, you can find lovely sandy stretches at southern shores of the lake. If you head out to the northern part, you will be greeted by rocky but very picturesque cliffs.

The clear water of Lake Garda is a perfect setting for a range of water sports like sailing and windsurfing. When exploring the lake, remember to take the time to visit Isola del Garda, the beautiful island at the center of the lake. Although it is a private property, you can arrange for tour around the island and its exquisite villa, which features a neo-Gothic and Venetian architecture. On top of these many attractions, there are also interesting hiking trails that highlight different views of Lake Garda.

You can find Lake Garda in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, where the Dolomite Mountains dominate the skyline. The northern section of the lake was once occupied by Austria. There is a regional train service that stops at the stations of Desenzano and Peschiera del Garda, which are located in the south of the lake. The closest station to the northern part of the lake is in Rovereto. The nearest airports to the region are Brescia and Verona. There are also buses that run between Milan and Venice and go around the lake. During summer, there is ferry and catamaran services being offered to those who want to explore the lake.

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