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Must See Museums In Chicago - Travel News, Tips, and Guides

Must See Museums In Chicago

For travelers an excellent destination is Illinois which offers a variety of options. The best option is to visit Chicago and enjoy the many museums and cultural scenes it has to offer. The Museum of Science and Industry is one option travelers should always go see along with the Brookfield Zoo. If you travel to the small historic town of Galena you can take an old fashioned Mississippi River cruise on a riverboat. The beautiful Lake Shelbyville can be found in the city of Champaign along with the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Reserve. The Lincoln Home National Historic site for history buffs can be found in the city of Springfield.

Visitors can find a multitude of attractions in Chicago and are bound to find something that attracts them since Chicago is a major cultural center. Many choose to visit the Sears Tower while in Chicago, but visiting the shores of Lake Michigan will allow you to see the impressive skyline of downtown Chicago. In addition, Chicago offers many beaches and outdoor water activities for those who like outdoor attractions when they travel.

When visiting Chicago the best option is to visit the many museums the city has to offer. The best place to start your trip is at the Metropolis which is a replica of the city in the Superman stories. This not only features statues of Superman but also has details down to the Metropolis Planet newspaper. The place also has the Super Museum which features every Superman related memorabilia possible.

Another option for the movie buffs is the Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum. This museums features many of the original artwork and photos of the Dick Tracy comic strip and the move. There is even a Crimestopper Club Room where you can stop to relax after a long day of visiting the museums. The museum also offers a wing where kids can have hands on experience with forensic tools and practice their comic drawing techniques. Chicago is one of the few cities where you can find a museum that the whole family will love and has a unique approach and subject.

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