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How To Stay Safe As A Solo Traveler

Several people like traveling, but the thought of traveling alone stops them from going on an adventure. The reason why people are scared of traveling is “traveling alone” but the good news is that you can travel as a solo traveler and stay safe on the road. Use these following few rules on the road as I have always followed them and had the best experiences of my life.

Trust Your Instincts
Always trust your gut instincts, if you are getting an internal feeling about something that is not right and it’s making you uneasy. Then don’t go for it, listen to your heart. This feeling with time becomes strong naturally as you gain more experience being a solo female traveler.

Never Be Scared Of Saying No
Never be scared of saying “No” your solo journey is yours to enjoy. So you decide what to do and what not to do, if somebody wants you to have another shot of whiskey and you don’t want to just simply say no. You don’t have to make anyone happy except for yourself.

Keep A Dummy Wallet
Some of the pro solo travelers recommend that beginners should keep a dummy wallet with them, meaning you can buy those dummy cash and credit cards and put it in the dummy wallet. It’s enough to make that thief think that there something worthy to steal, while your real wallet can be hidden in your socks.

Listen To The Locals
When you visit a foreign country ask the staff about the possible frauds and scams to look out for. Talk to the locals about that place and ask them about where you should go for sightseeing trust me the locals know far better than any tourist guide.

Dress Properly
When traveling to another country, try not to stand out of the crowd, you should be dressed properly. In fact, try to dress like the locals. In some countries you can’t wear tank-tops and if you do then you need to cover up with a shawl this usually happens in Muslim countries. In Muslim countries you can wear jeans, but no shorts or mini skirts. So, before you travel to a foreign country research about their dress code.

Make Copies Of Passport
When you are traveling alone, it is recommended that you make copies of all the important documents that you have. Keep the electronic copies as well as the copies with you in case the worst happens and your original documents get lost or misplaced.

Inform Friends
I know solo traveling means that you cut off from the world and plan your exciting journey yourself to give your mind some peace and relaxation. But on the other hand, it’s very important that you leave somebody informed back home that when will you be back, where you will be staying and give your contact details in case of an emergency back home or you can give a few minutes to call a friend just to give an idea that you are fine.

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