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Guide For A Novice On How To Earn Frequent Flier Miles

Several people don’t have much idea about miles, how they can be availed and how they can be used on different things. It’s not essential that you can earn frequent flyer miles only by flying, there are many other ways through which you can earn miles.

We all are aware of the fact that when you plan to travel you need to keep a watch on your expenses, and make the full use of every dollar that you spend.
Here is my simple tactics for earning or buying reward miles:
• Getting registered for earning miles program.
• Earn free miles for every dollar that you spent.
• Keep a close eye on promos and bonuses.

Get Registered For Loyalty Programs:
The first thing you need to do is get registered for a loyalty program and keep a track on the miles that you earn and have in your account. I would recommend that you bookmark the places from where you get free miles or you can sign up for airline and hotel programs. There are free services like Award Wallet through which you can keep a track on your miles before they expire. This service is available for free but there are also paid versions for it, you can always get the paid version and keep track of your miles accounts and their passwords. So far I told you how you can get partnerships and signup for loyalty programs to get miles, now I’ll tell you how you can maximizes the miles you have earned and bought.

Earn Reward Miles On Every Dollar You Spend:
Usually, I make sure that when I’m shopping I get more than one mile on every dollar that I spend, this I simply achieve by shopping through credit cards. For example, if I shop at Target and suppose they give three points on every dollar that I spend and I have done shopping of $60 so this means that I earn 180 free reward miles.

Dining Programs:
Nowadays there are many credit card companies that allow you to register for dining programs. Many of us don’t fly frequently to keep on stacking frequent flyer miles, but here is the good part you can register for dining programs and earn free miles on every dollar you spend on your meal.

Bonuses And Promotions:
Hotels and airlines from time to time offer promotions and bonuses on certain rooms and routes. These offers are pretty amazing but are for a limited period of time, so signup for the newsletters of airlines and hotels because such bonuses and promotions are always updated there.

The whole idea of earning miles through different activities apart from flying is good and once you buy reward miles or earn them for free with time you will become pro at it.

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