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Eco Destinations in the United States - Travel News, Tips, and Guides

Eco Destinations in the United States

It is strange that the most developed nations in the world lag far behind developing nations when it comes to the proliferation of ecologically friendly and sustainable travel options. You will, however, find many excellent eco destinations all over the world and the United States is no exception. Here are five of the eco destinations you will find across the country:

El Monte Sagrado Taos, New Mexico

This sleek, chic, native American inspired eco-lodging option combined excellent design with some good environmental credentials. The beautiful adobe buildings are perfect for this wellness environment in the mountains of Taos, New Mexico.

Birch Pond Lodge, Alaska

This small Alaskan accommodation option consists of just two ecologically sensitive and individually designed hand-crafted cabins set in a pristine wilderness in this northern state. Three meals of fresh local food are provided every day.

Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge, Alaska

Another Alaskan offering, this is the top of the tree when it comes to green resorts in the U.S.. From 2009-2012 it won the award each year. This fantastic eco site has been hosting guests to the Kachemak Bay State Park and Homer, Alaska, since 1981. Homer is the ‘bear viewing capital of the world’ and there is no shortage of wildlife around here. This is a perfect location for nature lovers and outward bound enthusiasts. This is a labour of love – the lodge was built entirely from individually milled pieces of driftwood in the 1970s by the owners who still live there today. It is completely run on alternative fuel sources and ecological principles.

Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, California

This Californian resort has been in existence since 1897. The owners take many measures to ensure the ecological credentials of this beautiful place and make sure it continues to be preserved with wildlife intact for future generations. The hot mineral baths here are hugely relaxing and you can rest assured that all possible environmentally friendly measures are being taken throughout your stay.

Inn Serendipity, Browntown, Wisconsin

Another one of the top eco destinations in the United States of America, this pleasant inn is powered by sun and wind. Guests are fuelled by vegetables from the organic gardens. This is a place of learning, where you can explore options for living and growing more sustainably. This place is not just carbon neutral – the business is carbon negative. This is a glowing example of what is possible in this arena.

These are just five among many similar small scale examples. There are a number of pioneering destinations around the United States, all of which show us that sustainable and environmentally friendly travel can be the way of the future not just in developing countries but all over the planet. So next time you are considering an American vacation, steer clear of package deals and the trappings of non-sustainable mass tourism and try a stay in an eco lodge or environmentally friendly hotel. See the natural world as it is meant to be – and help to keep it that way.

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