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Business Class Experience Around The World

Cathay Pacific: is probably the best international airline for corporate express travel as they have the finest business class experience. They have a flat bed which is 2 meters long, so you can very easily stretch your legs or fall asleep. There is an additional bed extension to provide help, support if needed. The side storage compartment makes it easier for your knees to adjust. Their cuisine is not just award winning but also the most sought after. Their customer service is ranked number 1 in the world along with their cabin crew training.

Singapore Airlines: They are known for being lavish in the skies, and they always set the bar one step higher than before. Not only do they have the widest business class seat in the world, there is also a lot of space between two adjacent seats, making the aisles really big and comfortable. This seat is designed to accommodate any sleeping position you can imagine.

Qatar Airways: All of Qatar’s competitors are fighting hard to rival the new additions in their first class space. Each seat has access to the aisle and has a turn down service when you want to nap. The food quality has increased by a big margin and the interior is very chic and classy according to many.

Etihad: This is the best option for demanding travelers, as every seat comes with a brilliant privacy compartment. The modern interior and excellent service makes it’s a very reliable and guaranteed experience. Every seat is front facing and has direct aisle access even when all the seats are reclined. Every cabin comes with a 15 inch LCD screen and a plug and play feature which allows you to play your own personal collection. You can play games, watch a movie of your choice or upload your own music playlist. Once you land, you are also entitled to a chauffeured limousine service.

Air New Zealand: They are constantly trying to better themselves by bringing new innovative ideas to the floor. They don’t just have seats, they have luxurious leather lie-flat beds complete with a memory foam mattress, a duvet and two full size pillows. They are redefining corporate express travel. The 22 inch seat comes with a foot rest which doubles as a visitor’s seat. The dishes are prepared by consultant chefs, and they beat every one of their competitors. They make sure they bring their native flavor in their food and in their service.

Emirates: The Airbus A380 fleet is the reason behind Emirate’s business class success. The space and comfort of this fleet is unbelievable, which is why this mega plane is now covering more and more international routes than before. There are ideal seats for solo travelers, and intimate arrangements for couples travelling together. The huge selection to be played on a private screen and a huge entertainment section is why this plane is the best option for long distances. Then of course, the bar on the upper deck makes it all the more better.

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